Basement TRax 909


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Basement TRax 909 is our follow up to the highly successful Basement TRax 808. We took our Roland TR909 drum machine and resampled it into a classic Casio  FZ-1, overdrove it through an old analog desk and proceeded to create a whole slew of gritty and raw lo-fi sounds that you won’t hear anywhere else. This collection of one shots is filled with exciting new drum hits, textures, pads and biting synth shots that will inspire and help you to hone in on that underground techno and lo-fi sound. A must for any techno or lo-fi music producer looking for new and original sounds to add to their productions.

What’s inside:

  •  347 x Wav One shots sampled at 44k x 24 bit.
  •  4 custom drum kits for Ableton Live
  •  358 MB compressed file size