Tutorials for producers

How to Make a Raw House Track Start to Finish

Here's a 5 part video series in which I make a track start to finish. If you're struggling to finish your productions. Take a look at the steps that are involved by watching this video series. Then try to make your own track following the steps and then revise it to...

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How to make Lofi Chords and Pads

That's right, no need to go all crazy buying an SP1200 or some old tape machine. Here's how you can make some lo-fi pads & chords just using your headphones and your laptop's built in microphone! If you want to learn how to make lo-fi drums look here afterwards!...

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Dirty, Lofi Techno Subs

In this video you will learn how to make incredible sounding Lo-fi subs that will impress your friends and amaze the world. You can use this simple method to create a whole library of sounds that will blow everyone's mind and yours too. Introducing the Techno God...

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Creating Techno Chords With Resonator

Create techno chords with Ableton's resonator plugin. In this video learn how to make classic sounding techno chords with Ableton's resonator and some stock drum samples. Build up your preset library with this basic chord rack that can be very versatile in your...

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Make A Lo-Fi House Drum Kit And Effects Rack

How to make lo-fi house. A quick tutorial showing you how to use Ableton's stock 909/808 drum kits and a custom built LoFi Rack to create that gritty old school house sound. See a follow up video to show you how to make lo-fi chords and pads here too!...

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